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Why SUGAR may be bad for your skin

Dr. Rency Daniels, MBBS of Clinic Alam Medic
What you eat is what you are.  "Even as a medical practitioner, I myself have experienced an era of bad skin.  Those days are bygone just by gradually changing my eating habits.  This is why I personally believe that excessive sugar intake worsens skin conditions.  It causes inflammation which may result in breakouts and makes your skin look older in the long run." says Dr. Rency Daniels, MBBS of Clinic Alam Medic. 

And if it's aging skin you're worried about, avoiding excess sugar is definitely in your best interest. That's because diets high in sugar may contribute to aging.  Collagen and elastin is responsible for making the skin look youthful and supple.  Loss of collagen is definitely one of the causes of aging skin, which can make a person look older than he or she actually is. 

Sugary foods can accelerate the skin's aging process by breaking down collagen fibers in our skin.  Boosting collagen production with good amino acids like fish collagen supplement itself is a well known and common practice among women. 

We need to create more public awareness especially among females about the skin benefits of reducing their daily sugar intake.  Just like taking a good collagen supplement, cutting back on sugar can help improve the skin's biological age.  Changing your eating habits definitely comes with anti-aging benefits.  Not to mention that it helps a lot with weight management too.

Maintaining healthy collagen levels in our skin is key to keeping our skin looking youthful.  Hence, we should try to do whatever we can within our control.  As such, controlling your sugar intake is something that is definitely within your control.  Every women out there wants anti-aging skincare but lets not forget that on top of what we apply topically, what we eat is also just as important.  Instead of accelerating skin aging with high sugar in our diets, its about time that we reverse skin aging by reducing our sugar intake. This little effort on its own contributes to the anti-aging aspect of our skin health.  

"For anyone with aging skin concerns, I would recommend a good Vitamin C serum.  My patients have gotten very good results with DM Aesthetics Advanced Vitamin C serum which is especially effective on Pigmentation and Melasma.  I normally advise my patients to combine DM Aesthetics Vitamin C serum together with the COLLAGEN serum that helps boost the skins collagen production naturally."